Welcome to the Hotel Ravesis Team

We are a multi faceted Hotel, at the heart of Bondi  Beach, and exist to give our guests and the  community the best experience possible.

Your enthusiasm is the key to us doing this well.

As a Bondi Beach institution, Hotel Ravesis is a full service hotel, offering a restaurant, cocktail bars, accommodation, bottleshop and gaming facilities.

The venue is licensed:
– Monday to Saturday 8am to 1am
– Sunday 8am to midnight
We have lock outs from 1 hour before close. Please see here for current trading hours.

It is important you are familiar with our Drink and Dine menus. Please explore via below links.

Customer experience is paramount to a great hospitality offering.
Delivering service with care, keeping a clean venue at all times and exceeding guest expectations are key.

See below links to Hotel Ravesis Expectations & House Policies
House Rules
House Policies, Procedures & Standards
Standards of Service

See below links to Essential Employment Information
Fairwork Information Statement (Casual Employment)
WHS Induction Presentation
– TFN Declaration, Super & Bank Payment information to be supplied via Employment Innovations / HumbleHR (see email)

  • Once food has been delivered or guests are at the table with their drinks, your job has already begun. You must continually be searching for empty glasses/finished drinks, and clearing them  from tables. RELENTLESSLY. If you’re not sure whether a drink is  done, ASK the guest. It’s not tolerable to have guests sitting with  used glassware in front of them for more than a minute.
  • Tables must be kept clean throughout a guest’s entire stay. Once you clear plates, or any drinks, always CLEAN AWAY any surrounding spills or crumbs. This is so that the guest is sitting in a  clean environment, is comfortable, and more likely to stay longer  to enjoy their experience.
  • Take good care of our MENUS. Once you see that the guests have ordered, or see that they have their drinks/food, pick up stray menus. and place them neatly on the holder. Or you can take  them away to store at the waiter’s station. It’s your responsibility to  protect our menus from getting wet or damaged. They are  valuable.
  • All floor staff must keep coasters in their aprons and move throughout the tables quietly lifting up people’s glasses, placing the coasters under their drinks. This level of service gives you a  chance to observe the state of the tables, and is s expected  THROUGHOUT the venue.
  • Create strong first impressions, the guest experience starts from the first interaction with the Hotel.
  • Look to build rapport. Choose your language well, be polite and friendly.
  • LISTEN to what they have to say, be understanding and conscientious.
  • You need to appear relaxed, but need to move quickly. We are a busy venue with lots to do.
  • Always lead by example.
  • Be flexible. We must always try to assist.
  • Learn & perfect your skills. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Exhibit manners and respect to all.
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol is maintained and no people noticeably affected by alcohol are allowed to continue to consume alcohol or remain on the premises
  • If you see aggressive or unacceptable behavior please advise a manager immediately.
  • If you detect or suspect any guest using or dealing drugs immediately notify a manager. Anyone found with drugs will be asked to leave and face a 1 month ban. Anyone found dealing  will be asked to leave and be permanently banned.

We use the Deputy system for timesheet and rosters. Staff are to  clock in and out for:

    • Start and end of shift
    • Start and end of break
    • If you don’t clock your break, you will be docked 45 minutes as if you took a break.
    • If you have a problem with your timesheet, please speak with a manager before 9am Monday morning to ensure your pay is correct.
    • You are to clock out BEFORE counting tips, getting changed or going to the staff room to collect your things. i.e. When you ACTUALLY START / FINISH.
    • Rosters are done weekly and we aim to have this published by Thursday the week before. I.e. you will get the roster for the next / upcoming Monday this Thursday.
  • All leave and unavailability is to be discussed with a manager first, otherwise you may lose shifts
  • Leave requests must be made and approved for any weekend unavailability. The same goes for any leave over long weekends and throughout the whole of December and January.
  • If you are sick, please advise management as early as possible by CALLING THE VENUE 93654422, a text message or email is not accepted. You are expected to see a doctor and obtain a certificate as soon as possible
    • Wages are processed at 9am Monday morning by management. Payslips are sent out Tuesday morning & your pay will be with you either Tuesday evening or Wednesday, depending on who  you bank with.
    • In the event of Public Holidays, this may be delayed by 1-2 days.
    • Tips are to be split evenly amongst all staff working.
    • You MUST clock out before counting any tips
    • Credit Card Tips will be distributed every 4 weeks along with tips from Me&U.
    • For all Credit Card tips, please print a copy of the receipt, circle the tips in & write the staff working on it. This is to be placed on the  spike on the back of the bar with the void / waste receipts, etc.
  • Top is to be a crisp, clean, plain, white T-Shirt
  • Bottom is to be either:
  • Dark jeans or Dark Shorts (no showing bum cheeks). Shorts must be  approved by managers prior to wearing them. If you are unsure,  please bring both shorts and pants and ask for management  approval.
  • Shoes are to be enclosed and dark in colour
  • You are expected to be at the hotel ready to start no less than 5 minutes prior to your rostered shift time
  • You are expected to maintain your personal grooming and hygiene to an acceptable level in line with that of the hotel
  • Drinking on shift will result in your instant dismissal from employment.
  • If you’re off-shift and drinking at the hotel, you are expected to be on your best behaviour. As any misbehaviour at the hotel, whether on shift or off shift, will be treated the same. It may  result in disciplinary action, including potential termination.
  • Phones are to be left in the staff room at all times.

While the selling alcohol is a key part of what we do, we need to be alert to the side effects of this and aware of our responsibility in this service. As such, it is paramount that you are careful when it comes to how much alcohol you serve people and notify a manager when you believe someone needs to be cut off and asked to leave.

    • We are here to look after guests but not baby sit them. If you believe they have had enough, alert management or security and we will ask them to leave.
    • Slow them down, don’t send them out – WATER, WATER, WATER, WATER! We want to be able to continue to serve our guests and not have it come to asking them to leave. Please actively provide our guests with tap water continuously throughout their stay. Water will slow their drinking pace and avoid the negative consequences.
    • Look out for the signs; speech, balance, coordination, behaviour. Click here to see more info on these.
    • Be aware of who is drinking – When serving tables, please keep an eye out as to who at the table is consuming the drinks. Just because the table hasn’t ordered a lot, doesn’t mean a few are the ones drinking the majority.
    • Talk to your guests – we want you to engage with them. Talking to your guests is the easiest way to work out if you think they should be served another drink. If you are unsure about anyone, please ask a manager.
    • Where are we in the night? Later at night means people have most likely had several drinks already so be extra vigilant. Shots to be done at the bar with everyone present. Getting everyone up from the table will help us to identify any problems.
    • Me&U does mean people can keep ordering to their table. Remember, the dockets show how many rounds a person has ordered. If you notice people have ordered a fair bit, we can remove the beacons from their table, otherwise as always, please let a manager know what’s going on.

Unfortunately sometimes, not everyone’s night goes as planned and people can get hurt. In the cases where there are acts of violence or serious injury, we need to take care to preserve evidence that may be relevant to any investigations that may follow. As such, please ensure you understand the following:

    • When there are acts of violence or serious injury to a person, we MUST cordon off the area; stop all people from accessing the area; ensure management are aware that something has happened and alert relevant authorities (police, ambulance, etc.). NOTE, a manager will make this phone call.
    • Among other things, serious injury includes situations where blood is spilt, a person receives a knock to the head or becomes incapacitated for any reason.
    • Preserving the ‘crime scene’ is to protect everyone involved to ensure proper investigation can take place as to what has happened and provide adequate assistance where necessary.
    • The space can be roped off with bollards, chairs and furniture positioned to stop people walking through or placing a security personnel / staff member to stop people moving through the space.
    • When this occurs in a high foot traffic area (e.g. a doorway or on the stairs), we will look to move patrons through the next best alternative access point & prevent further access deeper into the building for that area.

In the unlikelihood you are ever face an armed hold up:

    • Fully comply with the demands of the robber. Your safety and the safety of others is our primary concern.
    • Do your best to make mental notes of the person’s physical attributes, and any key markers. i.e. Scars, tattoos, etc.
    • Do not make any attempt to raise an alarm until after they have left.
    • Do not chase after them.

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Our drink options follow the path less travelled by.
We range many products that you simply won’t find anywhere else, but still have an air of familiarity about them.

Our cocktail signatures list is unique to us and changes seasonally (Summer & Winter).
ALL classic cocktails are available, provided we have the ingredients and the know how to make them.


Like the building itself, dining at Hotel Ravesis resonates a coastal spirit.
Drawing on Mediterranean cultures to serve seafood, lamb, and chicken alongside Middle Eastern salads and hand rolled pasta

Head chef Peter Streckfuss grew up on a farm and allows fresh produce to speak for itself. Oysters are shucked to order, fish filleted in house , and pickling is a passion.
Creating a seasonal menu sourced sustainably from the ocean, local farms, and fields.


Bartenders must know:
– Signature Cocktails
– Classic Cocktails
– Closing Procedures
– Opening Procedures
– Product Knowledge


Wait staff must know:
– Beverage Menu
– Food Menu
– Opening Procedures
– Closing Procedures
– Table Numbers/sections
– Open table
– Steps of service



Bar Backs & Glassies must know:
– Stock Location
– Keg Changing
– Prebatching




Our bottle shop holds an ever changing selection of takeaway items including, beer, seltzer, wine, spirits, pre-made cocktails, ice & Hotel Ravesis Merch.

As part of our team, you may be eligible for a discount (max 10%). Just ask a manager.

Our bottle shop holds an ever changing selection of takeaway items including, beer, seltzer, wine, spirits, pre-made cocktails, ice & Hotel Ravesis Merch.

As part of our team, you may be eligible for a discount (max 10%). Just ask a manager.


On the upper two levels of Hotel Ravesis
sit our 12 individually styled boutique hotel rooms.

As the only Hotel on the beach front with uninterrupted ocean
views, our guests get a true taste of Bondi living.

Hotel Ravesis is the perfect beachside escape you’ve
been looking for.



Accommodation Reception, Gaming & Bottleshop Attendants must know:
– ???


Housekeeping must know:
– ???